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User's of Childcare Manager Software Share Their Experience...

Canyon Creek Day School
"I am very impressed with the latest Childcare Manager 2007 version.  I will renew my annual support with you.  Keep up the good work!"
--- Brad Tubbs

"After several years of using one of your competitors software programs I was impressed with the customer service offered at Childcare Manager. Upon contacting the varies software companies I found Kurt at Childcare Manager to be very helpful in not only answering my questions but in returning my phone calls, which is hard to find a company with any kind of follow up. My company purchased two Childcare Manager programs, two Time Manager programs and 4 Time Clocks.

After a week of working with Kurt he referred me to Dan in technical support. I am so thankful for your technical support program offered at Childcare Manager. The assistance Dan provided has been very helpful in allowing T.L.C. 4 KIDS locations to improve the management of our centers. His continued support has benefited both my staff and all the families enrolled.

I want to commend your company on the great customer service T.L.C. 4 KIDS has received from Dan in technical support and Kurt in sales."
--- Tonia Wright

..technical support is ALWAYS a life saver! Their professionalism and expertise is a breath of fresh air and brings peace of mind and comfort every time I need assistance..."
--- Tanisha Webb

KidzQuest Summer Child Care
"My childcare staff is thrilled with the program!"
Jane Shelhorse

Early Childhood Program
"I really like the program and find it very easy to use..."
--- Kathy Hurlbert

Busy Body Day Care
“We didn’t want to worry about spending thousands on modules to complete our system. Childcare Manager’s all-in-one software program was the smarter investment for us...”
--- Mary Brown

Childcare By Jan
"Childcare Manager has worked great for our center! It has saved me from any weekend work."
--- Jan Nettles

Bizzy Bee Childcare
"...I just love Childcare Manager!"
--- Marianne Walter

llIff's Camps & Clinics
"...We ran our company on a software program that cannot compare to Childcare Manager! Childcare Manager has exceeded our expectations, each day we find out that your program can do even more than what was expected. It literally runs our entire company from our finances to our children and their families. I am not kidding you, I have to argue with my employees each day to go home and get off the computer. They are truly enjoying every aspect of what Childcare Manager has to offer the company and the ease it brings to their jobs. It has compacted work that once took us weeks to accurately tract into literally minutes with Childcare Manager!"
--- Theresa L. IIiff

New Life Kidz Centre
"Childcare Manager just couldn't get any more user friendly..."
--- Mary Boesch

Greenway Infant Care
"Childcare Manager is great! I loaded QuickBooks onto my computer today and was able to sync it with Childcare Manager quickly and easily. I really appreciate how intuitive your software is."
--- Jim Wiedman

Childrens Garden
"...simply the best child care management software on the market today. Everything we need to run our software can be found in Childcare Manager...Childrens Garden thanks you!"
--- Teri Pace

First Baptist Church Preschool & Daycare
"...Childcare Manager is very helpful, especially for those of us who are not naturally organized."
--- Karen Williams

Munchkin Land, Inc.
"I have been researching software for about two years.  I have tried and run test samples until I was blue in the face.  I was so frustrated with the different pricing that ranged from$300 to $6500 with add on’s and take a ways, that I called my son in Denver who is the head of writing complex software for a company there.  We began researching together, when he forwarded me Childcare Manager (CCM). The program does exactly what we needed with all the variables, co-pay, Audubon, parents that separate their portions, finding children that have the same last name as their parents can be a challenge in 2008; a check will come in with one name and you have to match it to that child with a different, it does that! Yeah.  My wife knows all 160 children but I on the other hand do not, try posting those checks.  It is effortless to keep track of all the different charges and variables. I am not my son, I am computer savvy and have been for many years, by far this is the easiest and most problem free software that I have used.  The price was great as well.  No huge add on’s either.  I purchased CCM and Nutrition Manager. Let me tell you about their customer service, on a scale of 1 to 10 it is a 12!  Wendy King has helped with so many little details that I never knew were available, I am still on the learning curve.  I do use Quick Books Pro, but now I am only using it for my payroll, and only because I am so familiar with it.  CCM imports into Quick Books.  It is saving me time, money and I am more relaxed to know I can be so organized."
--- Reggie Lafaye

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