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To order please contact one of our
Childcare Management & Accounting Specialists at:
(800) 553-2312

Childcare Manager
Childcare Manager™ Professional Edition
Childcare Manager™ Standard Edition
Childcare Manager™ Professional Edition (Small Center)**
Childcare Manager™ Standard Edition (Small Center)**
RapidTuition™ Automatic Payment Processing
app fee $145.00*

Please speak to your Childcare Management & Accounting Specialist at: (800) 553-2312 for more RapidTuition pricing details.

Time Manager Pro
Time Manager™ Attendance Tracking Software
TimeKlock Indoor with Door Lock Controller
TimeKlock Outdoor with Door Lock Controller

Nutrition Manager
Nutrition Manager™ CACFP Food Program

Network "Multiuser" License***

**Small Center Edition
Childcare Manager: Small Center Editions offer the same features and benefits as the unlimited versions but limits the number of families stored in the sponsor database to 60. Customers using Childcare Manager: Small Center Editions can upgrade to the Unlimited version for the difference. Data re-entry is not required when upgrading from one version to another.

***Network "Multiuser License
Covers an unlimited number of computers at a single location.

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