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Automate Your Center's
Food Management for CACFP

Got a headache worrying about all the paperwork and government requirements that come with participating in the USDA Child and Adult Food Care Program (CACFP)? Then, take a closer look at Nutrition Manager. Nutrition Manager is a comprehensive food management program designed specifically for centers that participate in the USDA Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP).

Feature Rich CACFP Food Management Solution

Nutrition Manager helps you organize your program information, plan and prepare your meals, and meet your program reporting requirements.

  Accurate Records Of Your Children:
   Maintains essential information for each child
Maintains standard meal schedules for each child
Automatically calculates child income eligibility
Automatically calculates Title XX ratios

  Quick And Easy Meal Planning:
   Create an unlimited number of monthly meal plans
Create monthly meal plans by meal type
Print monthly meal plans directly from the screen
Create menus with built-in USDA Buying Guide
Augment USDA Buying Guide with your own items
Create meal plans immediately
Over 120 USDA compliant menus
Create your own menus with Menu Editor
Edit serving sizes by food item or age group
Reduces meal planning time with our menu cycle feature
Use Menu Production Record to prepare meals

  Simplify Meal Count & Claim Reimbursement:
   Print Daily Meal Rollcall Sheets
Print Rollcall sheets w/ certification statements
Print Rollcall sheets w/ audit tracking code
Enter meal counts easily with built-in Meal Recorders
Audit trail to meal counts w/ Claim Reimbursement forms

Includes a Variety of
Useful Reports
Take a closer look at some sample reports in Nutrition Manager. Click on the report below you would like to view.
Child Attendance Rollcall
Monthly CACFP Participants
Title XX
Income Eligibility List
Meal Rollcall
Record of Meals Claimed
Claim Reimbursement
Daily Record of Meals Claimed
Monthly Record of Meals Claimed
Monthly Menus
Menu Schedules
Shopping List
Menu Production Record

Benefits of Automating Your Center

With Nutrition Manager your records will be more accurate, meal planning will be quicker and easier, and your claim reimbursements will be auditable.

  Record Keeping:
Accurate record keeping
Faster access to valuable information
Satisfy USDA information requirements

  Meal Planning & Preparation:
Fast & Easy meal planning
Save time on your Shopping
Less time preparing meals

  Meal Counting & Claim Reimbursements:
Meal counts will be more accurate
Recording meal counts is easier
Automate reimbursement claims
Auditable reimbursement claims

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